Become a Vinnie Louise Fall 2015 Style Rep!

Welcome, and thanks for considering joining the Vinnie team!

Although we believe that every woman who supports our shop is a true Vinnie girl, we’re looking for ladies who can commit to helping VL grow this season. 

Ultimately, we hope our Style Reps are just as excited as we are about Vinnie’s fall selections — so check out a few points below on what we’re looking for:

  • A Vinnie Style Rep is someone who’s very engaged on social media, she interacts with her followers and keeps up with Vinnie online as well.
  • Style Reps are women who are encouraging and supportive to others online — her goal is never to tear down, but always to build up.
  • Vinnie girls love great visuals, and take time to capture great photos that everyone can enjoy.
  • Lastly, Vinnie girls are real — Vinnie Louise is styled around women of all shapes and sizes, and we celebrate our uniqueness. And we hope our Style Reps do too!

To apply, repost our "Calling All Vinnie Girls" photo on Instagram, and tell us about yourself. Then tag us in a photo that you feel best represents your style. Don't forget to make your profile public so we can see your images. 

Thanks for considering joining VL — we look forward to getting to know all of you better. 



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