Made in the USA

There's something powerful about the exchange between an artisan and a customer. 

To know the human behind the design makes the product that more real. Oftentimes, we see items in a store as just a product we may or may not purchase. But those items were designed, selected and crafted by an assortment of hands. And while the fashion industry employs artisans around the globe, it's incredible to see what's being made in our own backyard.

The United States is home to numerous clothing makers, and it's a joy to celebrate and support that craft. Project Social T is one of those brands — founded in the arts district of Los Angeles, a group of artists and designers collaborated to make the perfect t-shirt. 

It's since grown to include the perfect tank and separates, but each item is soft, beautiful and meticulously made. You can find some of their lovely pieces right now at Vinnie Louise.

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