Back to Basics

Trends, as the name implies, come and go. Though we enjoy them while they're here, we are thrilled when the next exciting thing comes a long (harem pants, anyone?). This concept is amazing, but unfortunately not always sustainable — that's where basics come in. 

Closets, like many things in life, should always have a heathy balance. An appropriate amount of trendy items and simple, classic pieces that never grow old. The beauty of a neutral-colored, quarter-length top is that it looks brilliant layered under a patterned poncho, as well as on its own with a pair of classic denim.  

If every outfit we wore was trend head-to-toe, it might be a little much. Basics act as a buffer to display our more prominent pieces — much like a splash of color pops on a blank canvas, our fabulous statement necklaces shine when worn over a simple olive Piko, like the one above. 

To help you add some necessary basics to your closet, Vinnie Louise is giving away a Piko — the best part is you get to pick the Piko you want! Visit our Facebook page to learn all the details, so you can get back to basics. 



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