Vinnie's Weekend Road Trip Essentials

Nothing beats a weekend road trip! However, a perfect adventure can easily be delayed by an unexpected packing dilemma. Perhaps you overpacked because you just couldn't live without that second pair of sandals? Or maybe you're unable to zip your bag because you can't commit to which goodies to bring? Luckily, we've got you covered.
It's taken countless spontaneous road trips and numerous weekend getaways to establish these go-to essentials — and bonus: Vinnie Louise has them all stocked. 

Introducing our weekend road trip essentials
(minus the necessities like underwear and a toothbrush, but we're pretty confident you can remember to snag those.) 

 Your comfiest, cotton tee 2. The cutest sleep shorts you ever did see 3. A bathroom bag to safely store your moisturizer and toothpaste 4. Travel journal, you don't want to forget these memories 5. No trip can be survived without coffee, and bringing your own travel mug means you'll always have it on hand  6. Turbans keep your head cute when you've got travel hair, plus they make washing your face a breeze 7. Sunnies are a must on the road or on a plane 8. Hair ties, you never know when you'll need one 

Our new striped box-tee is the quintessential travel outfit 2. Pair it with a great hat and you've got the laid back travel style down 3. ALL of your weekend essentials can only be contained in an overnight bag — and this one just happens to be insanely gorgeous 4. Comfy high-waisted pants are a must

Simple is always better! You don't have to go overboard and pack your whole wardrobe. A little careful planning and foresight can make trips a breeze. And while we've got our favorite travel goodies all mapped out, we'd love to hear what you can't road trip without! 

Let us know your favs in the comments, or use the #VinnieLouise hashtag on your next road trip adventure pic! 

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