7 Days, 7 Outfits for Under $155

Buying new clothes each season adds up. And when it looks like I'm spending more on my closet than I would my monthly car payment, something's gotta change. Keeping a healthy wardrobe balance really does come down to the "b" word: budget. It just so happens to be one of my least favorite words, but this fall, I'm making it work for me. 

The key is to not only budget my financial realities, but also limit what items I'm purchasing — 35 trendy pieces does not a good wardrobe make. So, we've snagged 7 of our favorite new fall items to show you that it's totally possible to create a week's worth of epic styles — all of it costing under $155. That totally deserves one of those fist bump emojis. 


Keep it simple on the first day of the week with this army green Tilly Tunic ($22) and striped cardigan ($36). 



Nothing says comfy and chic like a pair of leggings ($10) under this simple Shelton dress ($28) — complete with pockets — and a blanket scarf ($24) styled as a shaw to keep you extra cozy


Bring the Tilly Tunic ($22) back for hump day, and rock it with this funky Geo scarf ($12) for a pop of color.


 It's almost the weekend — wrap the blanket scarf ($24) around a few times for warmth and style, and pair with a cute Swing dress ($22). 


TGIF — It's basically the weekend. So act like it by pairing the Tilly Tunic ($22) with some leggings ($10) and wrap this striped cardigan ($36) all casual-like around your waist. You totally don't care, but you still look like you do. Go you. 



Saturdays should start with brunch and end with cocktails. Thankfully, the Shelton dress ($28) paired with the Geo scarf ($12) is perfect for every weekend activity. 


Sunday Funday. Nothing says chillin' on a weekend like the Swing dress ($22) and a cozy Cardi ($36). Tomorrow may be Monday, but you'll be too comfy to care in this look.

There you have it: 7 styles, 7 days, a full pocketbook.

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