How to Style Your Favorite Fall Essentials

Everyone has their favorite season. Some like it hot, others like the coziness of winter, but without a doubt, there's something special about fall.

Perhaps it was instilled in us as small children: the beginning of a new year. Or perhaps it's the whimsy of colorful leaves decking the trees, the smell of pumpkin in the air and the giddiness of approaching holidays. 

Or.... perhaps it's all the back-to-school shopping. There's nothing like fall clothes — it's not too cold to where you have to stay bundled up, but it's chilly enough for gorgeous layers and vibrant tones. 

Although I love my autumn wardrobe dearly, it's not endless. I have to be smart about how I utilize it or I easily become that lady who wears the exact same outfit day in and day out. 

I call it a style-rut. It happens to the best of us. And though I tell myself no one notices, odds are they totally do. 

So to keep from being redundant this season, we paired some of our new fall favorites to create dreamy looks — all of which can be mixed and matched endlessly. 

Above: Stone-Washed Jacket ($62), Gretchen Top ($34), Vegan Leather Leggings ($16), Panama Hat ($36), Boots ($36)

Above: Gretchen Top ($34), Vegan Leather Leggings ($16), Panama Hat ($36), Boots ($36)

The Montclair Boot ($36) in its stone gray shade makes the perfect everyday shoe — it's important to find a staple boot for the season. One you can easily pair with leggings and sweaters, as well as dresses. It makes styling in the morning a breeze. 

Above: Kyle High-Low Dress ($38), Scarf ($18), Montclair Boots ($36)


Above: Dylan Jacket ($52), Mock Neck Top ($28), Vegan Leather Leggings ($16)

Above: Boxy Dress ($32), Genuine Leather Crossbody Bag ($98), Montclair Boots ($36), Black Panama Hat ($26) 

Much like a solid pair of boots, having a staple bag for the season makes a hug difference. And being genuine leather is just a bonus! Who doesn't love that new car smell? 

I've found that it really works to purchase entire looks like the ones above. Especially ones that are built around staple pieces that will easily mix and match with others. Sometimes adding just a few random pieces limits the outfits you can create. 

So I encourage you this season to try buying looks, instead of just pieces. That way you can style endlessly. 

Happy fall, and happy shopping!

xoxo VL

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