Sneak Peek: Get Ready for Gorgeous Knits and Cozy Ponchos

I'm a bit of a planner — a "Type A" if you will. I can't help it. Whether I have a big trip coming up or I'm just anticipating the influence seasonal changes will have on my wardrobe, I tend to think ahead.

However, I've found this personality quirk isn't everyone's cup of tea. I have a friend who puts off buying a winter coat until it's snowing outside. 

To each their own, right? 

Now, I'm not here to preach the benefits of planning ahead — but I mean, it never hurt anybody ;) — but I do wanna give you a sneak peek just in case you want to start imagining your fall wardrobe. 

Who cares if it's 89° outside? *cue sweaty sobbing* 

Yet one way or another, cool weather will be here. Brisk days and chilly nights will resume their post and continue to reign until spring. So to satisfy my orderly mind, and those of my fellow planners, here's a glimpse of gorgeous knits, ponchos and pullovers. 

Crank up the AC, pour a cup of hot chai and pretend it's 62° outside. 

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