7 Days, 7 Outfits for Under $200

Spending your hard-earned money is never an easy thing. We all have to prioritize — bills, rent, car insurance. But along with the necessities, we also budget for those extras like clothes, hair appointments, or a new throw for the living room. 

The key word is "budget." And to help all of us stay within those confines, we pulled some of our gorgeous new fall pieces and paired them with basics we all have in our closets to create 7 looks for 7 days — all for under $200. 


Try pairing our heavy Camel cardigan ($42) and a comfortable Piko Striped tee  ($24) with your favorite pair of jeans and boots to create a look that'll cure the Monday blues.


For a bit of Tuesday fun, we paired our Vegan Leather Leggings ($16), our Mara Dress ($24), Ombre scarf ($24) with your favorite pair of clunky heels.


Keeping it real on hump day with a soft Bentley top ($20), a Black and Gray poncho ($42) and your favorite jeans and boots. #Winning. 


Bring back that Camel Cardigan ($42), those Vegan Leather Leggings ($16), and pair them with this great Avery dress ($28) and your favorite heels or hat for an awesome (almost) weekend look. 


TGIF! Rock those Vegan Leather Leggings ($16), our Mara dress ($24), Black and gray poncho ($42) and some boots for a look that'll carry you from day to night.


Saturdays are for mimosas — so toss on this Camel cardigan ($42), Bentley top ($20), and some stretchy jeans or leggings for a cozy, chic look. 


We're keeping it classy and classic on Sunday with our new Avery dress ($28) and Ombre Scarf ($24), paired with your favorite heels. 

There you have it — 7 glorious looks for a total that'll make your wallet high-five you. 

Camel Cardigan $42

Bentley Top $20

Piko Striped Tee $24

Vegan Leather Leggings $16

Mara Dress $24

Black and Gray Poncho $42

Ombre Scarf $24

Avery Dress $28

Total = $196 

Hope this helps as you try to prioritize your fall fashions!



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