5 Fall Trends We're in Love With

Trends do come and go, but that doesn't make them any less fun! And it definitely doesn't stop us from wanting to rock each and every one. 

We've been watching the fall styles roll in over the weeks — thanks to New York Fashion Week last month — and we can't wait to wear them! 

Below we've laid out five fabulous fall styles that have us praying for chilly weather. Check out the trends we're in love with, and let us know which ones are your favorites! 

Funky Vests: 

One-of-a-kind vests are an awesome way to spice up basics, which is why we're so excited they're in. Besides, everyone should have at least one truly unique piece of clothing in their wardrobe. 

This particular vest is made of knitted loops, and its weight and texture are perfect for autumn. Pair it with jeans and a basic tee, or over your favorite LBD for a night out. 

Shift Dress and Blanket Scarves: 

Shift dresses are really in this year — and while we've seen them worn over the summer, we're thrilled to check out the cooler weather versions. The shift dress above not only has great ribbed detailing, it's also a brilliant winter white — which is a trend in itself this year. And it's coming very soon to the VL store! Yay!

Toss a blanket scarf on top for some texture and dimension — you can stay simple like the neutral one above or add a more vibrant splash of color. Plus, they make great blankets when the office gets chilly. 

Boxy Tops and Accent Bags: 

The concept of a boxy top doesn't sound that appealing, but it's truly chic on. It may be wider than a traditional top, but its shortened length allows for you to still show your shape. Plus, they're perfect with high-waisted jeans or even fun flares. The top above is one of our personal favorites, and we can't wait to release it soon!

As for accent bags, they're not really a new trend, but we're big fans of them! Mostly because we all have our staple purses that we wear day in and day out, and having a fun bag to switch things up with is awesome!

Plaids and Ponchos:  

Plaids are basically a staple this time of year, but this season's trend comes from switching up the traditional plaid for a more minimalist approach. This simple black and white patterned shirt is a new spin on the old pattern. 

Add a basic poncho overtop, and you'll find yourself wearing one of our favorite trends. It's easy and chic!

While minimalism is really in — whites, grays and blacks — it doesn't mean you can't take this look and make it more vibrant. Pair a fun green or burgundy poncho over a brighter plaid.  

The thing about trends is that you have the power to make them your own! Don't feel confined to only wearing them one way. We're all about personal style, so take these ideas and make them work for your wardrobe.

Once you do that, you've gotta share! We wanna see all your amazing fashion creations, so be sure to tag us!



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