The Perfect Basic Has Arrived

There's something both timeless and effortless about muted tones. Soothing grays and cool whites leave the mind refreshed and calm. The growing interior trend the past few years has seen our homes decked with crisp walls, accents of charcoal or brass. And that same minimalistic look has now made its way onto our bodies. 

We can't help but gaze at those beautiful Instagram posts boasting of such tones — proving none of us are immune to the beauty of minimalism.

At Vinnie, we adore simple, classic looks. That's why we couldn't help but fall in love with our Baylor Tunic Dress. Its flattering fit and chic neckline make it the perfect, minimalist piece.

But whether you wear as styled above — on its own with winter whites — or whether you wear it as the basic under a vibrant cardigan and funky tights, it serves the purpose of being the perfect piece. 

I think I just found my new favorite wardrobe staple. I'd love to see yours — share your beloved basics or favorite minimalist piece by tagging us @VinnieLouise!

Until next time, wear happy.



All Photos Taken By Catherine Truman Photography 

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