We recently posted about the heart behind our new series #TuesdayTalks — a time for online community and conversation between women. Whether it's a vulnerable conversation or chats about a silly topic, spending intentional time is a must. 

Last week we talked about our besties, and the joy that they bring into our lives. Krystin posted a powerful comment on the topic, saying, "I always like to think of my bestie as an extra pair of arms. She’s always pushing me forward, always within reach, picks me up when I fall, and carries me through when I’ve no strength left." 

Love it!

This week we're talking about one of my favorite things: food. I wanna know your secret weapon recipe! 

We all have a delicious recipe we keep in our back pocket to whip out when we need to impress people with our epic hostess skills. Mine is a rather simple one: pot roast. 

The tricks to my pot roast is to 1) pan sear that tasty meat on a super hot skillet before putting in the crockpot. It seals in all the juices. 2) Instead of using all regular potatoes, mix it up with some sweet potatoes and yuca. They're so tasty and way healthier. 3) Toss in a couple whole garlic cloves instead of mincing them. 4) Don't forget the onions!

Perhaps you already do these things to your pot roast, but boy, is it delicious!

So what's yours? Let us know in the comments below! 


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I just made the best pork tenderloin. Sadly, it is not a recipe of my own but this will be my go-to meal for guests. Pork tenderloin and apples! Yumm,.

1- Pan sear 2lbs pork until brown (salt & pepper meat)
2- Slice the pork and placed sliced apples in the pork
3- Place more sliced apples at bottom of crockpot
4- Place meat on top of apples, drizzle honey and more s+p on meat
5- add one red onion (sliced) and more sliced apples
6- pour one cup of chicken stock over meat
7- sprinkle cinnamon

cook on low for 6-8 hours!

Ginny October 26, 2015

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