Listen In: Sounds of Autumn

Music sets the tone for life. It carries us away to different places, it invites us in and creates a space where we can feel something bigger. 

Our walls are always reverberating tunes at Vinnie — we love establishing a warm place where customers feel welcome and relaxed. That's why we decided it was time to carry our love of music out the shop doors and onto the internet.

We invite you to listen along with our new monthly series: Listen In. 

Here we'll create playlists on Spotify for you to stream and enjoy. Our first contribution is 'Sounds of Autumn,' a list designed to help you chill. Packed with everything from acoustic melodies to electronic beats, turn up the stereo and relax. 


We'd love for you to follow our musical journey on Spotify (VinnieLouise), and of course, we want to hear what you're jamming to. Feel free to share in the comments! 



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