Last Minute Halloween Party? We've Got Your Costume Covered!

There's just three days until Halloween — and I haven't even begun to think about a costume, because, well... life. 

Like most adults my age, I have a job and a family and basically I just forgot, ok? I'm only human. Now, the party invites are lining up and I'm a little disheveled trying to think of a costume to throw together by Saturday. 

I don't want to spend more than $20 (and by $20 I mean $0), so I'm left to rummage through my closet for something that could possibly look like something Halloween-y.
If you're in a similar trick-or-treat panic, have no fear — we shuffled through our VL closet for you in search of the cutest last minute costumes. All you need is a little imagination and possibly some red lipstick ;) 

Phantom of the Opera: 

Our black Tilly Tunic with some fun costume jewelry and an $8 mask makes for an adorable ensemble. Add some dramatic makeup for even more fun!


We took our Suede Knit Dress and paired it with some fringe boots. We tied in a braid and used a little red lipstick as face paint, and voila! 

'80s Chick and a Kitten: 

Basically, we're convinced you can be cute by wearing a fun frock and ear-headbands of any kind. Here we took a fun, '80s-style bow and paired it with a striped tunic. Pop on some bright pink lipstick and tease your hair for a totally retro look. 

We also took some awesome cat ears and wore them with our Heather Grey Baylor Tunic. Use some eyeliner to create a kitty face, and you're ready to trick-or-treat. 

So whether you go as a last-minute cat or you've been planning your epic Cinderella costume for months, we want to see it! Don't forget to tag us in your incredible Halloween weekend pics with the hashtag #VLBestCostume. 

And as always, wear happy! 



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