Outfit Inspo: Office Style

I think there's a misconception that office style has to be, well, boring. But it can definitely be fun! There's a balance of professionalism and style, but once you find it, it can make long days way more fun. 

Granted, there are some places of work that do require specific uniforms or enforce strict dress codes. But the offices I've worked in over the years all required that we simply dress "casual-professional." Whatever that means. 

So of course I loosely, and stylishly, interpreted that code. Maybe I'm a rebel, but I believe I can do my job just as well (maybe even better) if I'm dressed in a way that makes me feel confident. 

Inspired by office style, we created our favorite Vinnie work looks. Check out our Monday through casual Friday below, and get excited to head to the office. Cute booties and briefcase in hand. 


Black Tilly Tunic || Tie-Dye Open Cardigan || Wrapped Quartz & Brass Necklace



Raya Trench || Maddox Button Down



Tobacco Tilly Tunic || Wave Cardigan || Black Bridget Clutch 


Vegan Leather Leggings || Emory Turtleneck || Black Bridget Clutch 

"Casual" Friday: 

Burgundy Vera Mock Neck || Vegan Leather Leggings || Keller Cardigan || Kyanite Pendant

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