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Get to Know the Vinnie Louise Team

Much like it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a whole team of people to make Vinnie Louise a reality. There’s a lot that goes into running a boutique like Vinnie, so we had to bring on talented individuals that help ensure you always get what you need. 

On top of being good at what they do, we also think our team is made up of some pretty epic people — and we want to introduce them to you. 

Meet the Vinnie team: 

 Ginny Reed || Founder/Resident Busy Bee

Kyle Reed || Creative Director/King of Design 

 Brittany Moses || Inventory Manager/Quintessential Bad-A

 Brit Shelton || Marketing Director/Witty Writer of Words 

 Anna Schowe || Shop Manager/Rockstar Fashionista  

 Kayla Upchurch || Intern/Queen of Basically Everything

So next time you're in the shop, stop by and say hi! Or drop us a message on our Facebook page — we'd love to meet you too! 
Until next time, wear happy!

Brit Shelton
Brit Shelton



Jessica Upchurch
Jessica Upchurch

November 09, 2015

Love love love Vinnie!!!!!!! I love love love Kayla too!

Sarndra Upchurch
Sarndra Upchurch

November 09, 2015

Such a fun loving group! My daughter Kayla is a great fit for this wonderful organization! Thanks for bringing her onboard!

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