Outfit Inspo: How to Style for Sweater Weather

Today I  woke up to a chilly 46° — I think that's the coldest it's been so far in Nashville (apologies to all my Northern friends). Now, because my body remains one temperature the entire duration of the fall-winter season, COLD, I immediately tossed on several layers and completed the look with a blanket scarf and boots. 

In theory, it sounds cute, but when I caught a glimpse in the mirror I did a double-take, "I think I have a body under there somewhere?!" There was definitely more sweater than me! 

Raise your hand if you know what I'm talking about!?! Feeling hidden and smothered under all that knitted fluff is something everyone experiences, right? Well, I wanna beat the frump! 

All the VL ladies teamed up to create looks out of cozy cardis and luxury ponchos that keep you warm, while keeping you cute. Check out the styles below, then drop us a line telling us how you style for sweater weather! 

Now let's all go drink some coffee, stay warm and wear happy!


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