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12 Days of Christmas Gift Guide: Gifts for the Holiday Hostess

Invitations for holiday parties are stacking up, and according to Emily Post, a guest should never show up empty-handed. Don't panic, we've got lots of awesome hostess gifts this year — all of which are guaranteed to make your wallet and your friend very happy. 

1. Boho Fringe Scarf (Scarves $16-$28) 

2. Nifty Notes: Nailed It $5

3. Northern Light Candles $15

4. Nifty Notes: Pep Talk $5 

5.Bathroom Guest Book $15

6. Notepad: All Out Of $7

7. Notepad: What To Eat $7

8. Notepad: Things To Do Around the House $7

9. Jewelry Dish $12

Brit Shelton
Brit Shelton


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