#TuesdayTalks: Most Memorable Christmas Story

Christmas is my favorite time of year! I know, I know, it's everyone's favorite time of year, but some of my most cherished childhood memories revolve around this holiday. 

One year, when my sisters and I were very small, we stayed up all night long just to catch Santa in the act. We sat with our noses glued to the window, watching intently for a man in a red suit and his eight flying reindeer. 

While we never caught a true glimpse of the big guy, we did hear sleigh bells and the sound of tiny hooves on the roof. It was magical, and made the following morning that much more exciting!

As an adult, I can rationalize that the sounds I heard were most likely a figment of my imagination (or just a sign that I was crazy tired). However, the sounds of those sleigh bells are real to me, and to my sisters as well. So we hold that memory close, and continue to reminiscence about the year we "almost" caught Santa. 

I love Christmas stories, whether they're silly or heartwarming. They remind us what this holiday is truly about! Which is why I'd love to hear your favorite, most memorable Christmas story! Feel free to share in the comments below, or tag us in a post with the hashtag #TuesdayTalks! 

Thanks for being a part of our community, we're truly thankful for each of you! 

Merry Christmas, and as always, wear happy! 


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