We're In Love With These Online Holiday Goodies!

The halls are decked and stockings are hung, presents are lovingly tucked under the tree and families are gathering near and far — it's Christmastime! 

One of my favorite parts of the holiday is just relaxing with my family. We watch movies, listen to music and of course, my sisters and I online shop. It's probably a habit that stems from our high school years — we'd hunt for all the goodies we'd buy with Christmas money from grandparents and aunts. 

Although we're a little too old for that now, we still can't help peeking at all the beautiful things online. Some of my favorite items are up now on Vinnie Louise, like the Cammie Cape

I'm also in love with the Mason Plaid Dress, which just happens to look amazing with the cape! 

And of course, the Jane Turtleneck! I've never been so happy to have turtlenecks back in style. They keep you cozy when the weather is chilly! 


Check out all the goodies in New Arrivals, and have fun eyeing some future presents ;)  

We hope you have a very merry Christmas, and as always, wear happy! 



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