Snowed In? Stay Cozy in Style!

Ok, let's be real, Nashville is currently experiencing balmy 60° weather and thunderstorms — so basically it's April here. However, in other parts of the country (and world) many people are buried under a blanket of fresh snow. And while I'm not sure which I prefer more (or less), I do know that whether I'm stuck inside because of rain or snow, I like to be cozy. 

Nothing beats wearing leggings, a pullover and watching Netflix while eating white cheddar popcorn... wait, you don't stuff your face with cheesy popped corn? That's just me? Well, whatever you do while trapped indoors, I know you'll love these beautiful, and comfortable wears! 

Check out the styles below that we pulled together to help you stay cozy this winter! 

Taupe & Rust Kimono || Nora Tunic || Montclair Ankle Boots || Wrapped Quartz Necklace

Kimono's are the best because it's basically like wearing a throw blanket, but it still looks cool! We paired this Taupe & Rust Kimono with our soft Nora Tunic and some leggings. Just toss on a necklace and boots to brave the weather and carry this look from your couch to a coffee shop.

Dolman Denim Pullover ||  Leggings || Montclair Ankle Boots

 This Dolman Denim Pullover is the ultimate in cute, cozy-wear — it has the comfort of your old track hoodie, but looks like an edgy piece that you can wear many ways. This time we've paired it with faux-leather leggings and ankle boots, perfect for a chill day with friends. However, add a hat and some heeled booties, and you could take this look out on the town once the snow (rain?) clears!

Harrison Cardigan || Nora Tunic || Arrowhead & Gold Necklace 

The Harrison Cardigan has a great southwest pattern that makes it a timeless wardrobe item. We made it ideal for a day of snuggling by pairing it with our Nora Tunic in burgundy and faux-leather leggings. However, you can go from a day of movie-watching to a New Year's gathering with this style by simply adding a statement necklace and cute boots!

No matter how you stay cozy, we hope you enjoy this rainy/snowy weather as we make our way into the new year, and as always, wear happy! 



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