Basics are Like Besties, They're Better Together!

Nothing in this world beats a great tee and blue jeans. No matter what your style or size, the combination of simple basics is a timeless look. The best part, perhaps, is that you can style the two in endless ways.
PIKOS are possibly the funnest go-to basic, and most definitely the softest. Their neutral tones make them perfect for pairing with denim! So whether you're hippie-chic in ripped jeans or shoot for a more professional minimalist look in dark denim, the two pieces are a foundation for every closet.

It's inevitable that our wardrobes begin to fill up with quirky Navajo sweaters or suede blazers, and I know I've personally experienced what it's like when my trends get bigger than my staples. To paint a visual, it looks like going to work in velvet pants, a suede jacket and a silk printed top... aka just a little too much!

Basics are the balance we need. This doesn't mean we shouldn't spice them up with fun jewelry, wild shoes or vibrant layers. Basics just allow for a neutral canvas to display those original pieces. 

So the lesson here? Don't underestimate good basics. They're what make a closet. 

Get started adding some basics right here! And until next time, wear happy! 


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