A Spring/Summer Must Have

Lorelai Striped JumpsuitLorelai Striped JumpsuitLorelai Striped Jumpsuit


With Spring here and Summer approaching it is always good to have a go-to! And we have JUST the outfit for that. I introduce to you our Lorelai Striped Jumpsuit. It features wide legs fitted for comfort and a hidden zipper closure.

Jumpsuits are in but this one, ladies, is a must-have. It is modest but adventurous. It is so astonishing by itself it doesn't even need any accessories. However, shown above you can see that it is paired with one of our oversized bandanas. Gives it a little French "la Saveur" (For those of you who don't speak French, it means "taste") 

Okay, so, some of you may think, "well, I am so short, jumpsuits make my legs look short and stumpy." Good news.. because, I thought the same! I am 5'3.5" (the half inch matters when you are this short). This one in particular accents those legs. The seam line is resting above the hips and makes legs actually look longer! Win-Win!! Also, the vertical stripes from the waist below are said to "elongate." This brings out the feminine look. Again, a win-win :)

This beauty can be paired with just about any shoe there is. Pictured you can see it is paired with our Kendrick Mule Shoes (in rose). Mules are an all-year-round shoe that can go with absolutely anything. I have 4 myself... cue the embarrassed face. 

As a Vinnie Girl, I say this meets all requirements needed for fun, fashion, comfort, and style. Take it from a legend, Oscar de la Renta, who says "Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself."

Shop happy, my friends! xoxo

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