Amazing Style Under $40 - We’ll Show You How

It's a common myth that being in style means needing to have a whole lot of money.

Sure, our favorite celebs might be all decked out in the latest pieces from Paris, and your fave Instagrammer might regularly don a $300 white t-shirt. BUT, here at Vinnie Louise, we believe that you can be 100% fabulous and totally in-style on an everyday girl kind of budget.

Today we’re showing off some of our favorite pieces and outfit pairings that will make you look totally amazing for under $40! All of these featured items can be found right now in the VL shop. They might also inspire you to style some of the pieces you already own in brand new ways! Here are 5 great outfit ideas that won't break the bank...


Outfit #1: Stylin' in Stripes

1. Maggie Striped Dress in Olive - $32 

2. Melbourne Crossbody in Black - $34

3. Remi Sandal in Black - $26


Outfit #2: Girl on the Go

Girl on the go

1. Aurora Dress - $38

2. Maxwell Denim Jacket - $36

3. Haven Sneakers in Black - $32


Outfit #3: Summer Brights

Summer Brights
1. Britton Top in Ivory - $38

2. Lila Shorts - $32

3. Juniper Slides in Black - $32


Outfit #4: The Sweetest Touch

The Sweetest Touch
1. Sevy Kimono in Rose - $22

2. Franklin Denim - $38

3. Ashton Mules in Coral - $32


Outfit #5: Pretty in Pinks

Pretty in Pinks

1. Ruth Tank - $38

2. Trinity Denim Skirt - $32

3. Marfa Bandana - $12


Which of these outfits makes you feel totally inspired?
Let us know in the comments, budget babes!

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