Best Places To Eat and Drink In East Nashville

1. Five Points Pizza

Great pizza and fun environment!

2. RosePepper

The best margaritas around!

3. Jenis Ice Cream

Unique ice cream flavors That you will love. Sample everything!

4. Pharmacy

Delicious burgers, great atmosphere, and a beer menu that won’t disappoint.

5. Mas Tacos

Amazing tacos and soup! (Cash Only!)

6. Terminal Cafe

They serve coffee, breakfast, and lunch. They are only a few doors down from us! 

7. I Dream Of Weenie

They serve hot dogs with inventive toppings from a walk-up window in a vintage VW bus...Need we say more?

8. Barista Parlor 

Artisanal espresso drinks served in a hip, open, industrial environment.

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