The Ultimate Gift Guide For Your Besties (Everything is under $40!)

Do you have one of those friends that you just can’t say enough good things about? Maybe it’s a coworker that makes the longest workdays bearable or a friend who's been by your side through thick and thin. Or maybe you've had the same best friends since high school because they just get you like no one else!


Regardless of who they are or how you met, finding a good friend is truly like finding gold. If you're lucky enough to have friends that just exude awesomeness, why not let them know how much you appreciate them every once in a while?  


Today we set out to help you find fun ways to show your favorite gal pals how much you appreciate them. Looking for a way to say “Hey, thanks for being awesome”? We've rounded up a few ideas that might help. The best part? Every gift is under $40... guaranteed to not break the bank. Here are the season’s best gift ideas for your besties.


1. Designworks Boxed Pencil Set

This super cute pencil set includes 6 pencils with gold foil stamping and girl-power-packed phrases in every box. Your bestie can literally pull one out, sharpen it up, and find the inspiration needed to get through any workday project or tough assignment. Perfection! 

2. Groundwork - Maddox Earrings in Camel 

We love our Maddox earrings because they're one of a kind, yet manage to go with absolutely everything you pair them with! They're perfectly subtle yet fabulous while adding the perfect amount of polish to everything from a gorgeous floral dress to a cute fitted tee and ripped jeans. Perfect for any girl with class and style. 


3. Available For Weekends, Toiletry Bag

For that quirky friend who is all spunk and quick humor, look no further than this Available for Weekends toiletry bag from It's such a great gift to inspire your buddy to plan an adventure and live her life to the fullest.  We love the super fun sangria-colored foil, and all the pockets inside to keep your belongings extra organized. This bag is seriously a must have for the girl on the go. 


4. Gold foil pocket notebooks 

Do you have a super creative friend? One that's always full of new thoughts and ideas that she's just got to get on paper? We love these saddle-stitched gold foil notebooks from Rifle Paper Co. as an option for tossing in a bag and writing, doodling or plotting out your best thoughts and ideas on the go! The possibilities are endless when it comes to what kind of inspiration these notebooks can bring. 


5. Gold Plated Druzy Agate Slice Necklace 


Why not give your pal a gift that says, "You're a work of art!" This Druzy Agate Slice Necklace comes in a variety of gorgeous colors and sizes, and it lends a unique and special touch to any outfit. Plus, each stone is plated in 16k gold, making the price an absolute steal. For a gift that's just as vibrant as your bestie, look no further than this super special piece. 


6. Havana pouch 



Havana Pouch



We can't say enough about this sassy, super fun pouch! Your #1 can carry this as a clutch for a fun night out, or keep jewelry, makeup or other essentials in it at home or on the go. This woven pouch is definitely classy, but the poms poms add a fun punch of personality that makes it an awesome gift for your bud. 


7. A Vinnie Louise gift card 


For the fashion maven in your life, there is really no better gift than a Vinnie Louise gift card. Gift cards fit every size, and can be applied to purchases online and in our physical stores! Starting at $10, these can be the perfect gift option to fit any budget. 

What are some of your favorite gifts that you've given or received? We'd love to hear about them in the comments!



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