Quiz: What Style of Vinnie Denim Are You?

Is there any piece of clothing more coveted than that perfect pair of jeans? It can be so hard to find jeans with that perfect wash, length, style and fit. But if you're lucky enough to find them, you may never want to take them off again! There's no denying that there's a certain power that the right denim evokes, proven by the fact that there is an entire feature film centered around the perfect pair of jeans. (We’re looking at you, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants!) 

With the right denim in your closet, you can basically conquer the world. But how do you find that elusive pair of jeans that express who you are to the world in just the right way?  We want to help!

Today weve rounded up 5 of our absolutely favorite Vinnie Louise Denim styles, and created a fun little personality quiz to help you find the pair that best fits your life! Looking for your next pair of favorite jeans? Get started here! 


1. Describe your perfect Friday night:

    a. Grabbing snacks and a few friends, then heading out to a local park or vineyard to stargaze

    b. Going out with friends to see a new local band that everyone's been raving about

    c. Staying in to read a book, watch Netflix, and snuggle up under a big cozy blanket

    d.  Date night out to a trendy new restaurant followed by a fun movie at the theater

    e. Getting on the list at an exclusive new cocktail lounge that celebrities are constantly being spotted at


    2. What classic pop hit best describes your life?

    a. Like A Bird by Nelly Furtado

    b. Just Dance by Lady Gaga

    c. Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars

    d. Oops I Did It Again by Britney Spears

    e. New York by Jay Z and Alicia Keys


    3. You’ve got a free plane ticket to anywhere in the U.S. Where do you head?

    a. To California! For a few days of beach bumming and soaking up the sun.

    b. To Austin or Nashville, somewhere with a great local music scene and lots of great food

    c. Denver or Seattle. You love a city with rich culture, but a more relaxed, outdoorsy lifestyle.

    d. Orlando, FL! You can't beat the awesome weather, a few days of staying at a nice resort, and maybe even a stop at Disney.

    e. New York! You can't pass up a few days of fast passed city living, and great shopping too.  


    4. What’s your favorite way to chill out after a long day?

    a. A nice long yoga practice at home followed by a hot bath.

    b. Meeting up with friends at your local spot for dinner, drinks and (hopefully) some laughs

    c. Pick up food from your favorite restaurant, Facetime with your friends or family, then scroll through Instagram before bed

    d. Scheduling a last minute massage or mani/pedi before heading home. You deserve to treat yourself!

    e. Meeting up with your personal trainer or heading to pilates, then grabbing a quick dinner and before getting more work done.


    5. Which of these celebrities would you love to trade closets with? 

    a. The Olsen Twins

    b. Rihanna

    c. Reese Witherspoon

    d. Meghan Markle

    e. Victoria Beckham


    6. If you had to choose a few words to define your style, which would you pick?

    a. Flowy, relaxed, free-spirited  

    b. A little bit grungy and rock and roll

    c. Trendy and casual. Stylish without trying too hard

    d. Totally feminine vibes, on trend and in-the-know

    e. Perfectly tailored, high quality and totally timeless


    Great job! Now total up your scores, and find your perfect pair of denim below! 

    Mostly A's: Boho Babe

    Angie Bell Bottoms in Light Indigo - $44

    This one is for the free spirits. Do you love spending time in the great outdoors? Are you more interested in enjoying slow mornings and watching the sunset with friends than hitting the town? If you’re the kind of girl who loves life and adventure and prefers to always see the cup half full, these are the jeans for you. A pair of bell bottoms feels a lot less retro, and a lot more fresh and new these days, and we love having the option to step into something a little different from our normal, skinny straight leg denim. If your life motto is all about possibilities and positivity, these Angie Bell Bottoms are the option for you. 

      Mostly B's: Rockstar Spirit

      Caruthers Denim in Black - $74

      A pair of black jeans that fit perfectly is just the thing your closet is asking for. Trust us. Black, ripped denim is the perfect option for the girl who likes to live life on the edgier side. You’re the one in your group of friends who's never afraid to take a few chances. You’ll go for the new job, take a trip to an unknown city, or even try the new restaurant in town that no one’s heard of yet. Perfect for heading to class or stopping by a late night show, these black jeans just might become your new best friend. 


      Mostly C's: Laid Back Lovely

      Remy Boyfriend Denim - $74

      You’re one of those girls who has a take-life-as-it-comes kind of attitude. You know that there’s a time to be serious, and a time to have fun, and you bring your 100% authentic self to every situation. Your friends love your honesty and your laid-back nature. You’re someone that other people just want to be around! For all of those late night hangs and future adventures, grab a pair of our Remy Boyfriend jeans. They will perfectly fit your vibe, and amp up your wardrobe - in a totally laid back, easy way of course. 


      Mostly D's: High Style Honey

      Nolensville Denim - $82

      You’re a cool girl, with a neat, vibrant style. It’s important for you to stay in touch and in the know on all things hot and happening. For a girl in the know like you, a perfect pair of high rise skinny denim is absolutely everything. The distressed waistband and hem on this pair add a little extra attitude and personality, while still ensuring this pair of Nolensville Denim adds the perfect finish to all your favorite pieces on top. 

      Mostly E's: All Class With A Little Sass

      Harding Denim - $80

      Dark denim is the epitome of chic. It’s the perfect option for girls who are on the go, and for those that are all about class, refinement and crisp timeless style. This style of denim works perfectly for a date night with your special someone, but it also blends seamlessly into the conference room with a tailored blazer for an important meeting with a new client. If you’re a major boss in life and in leisure, look no further than this pair of Harding Denim to be your perfect companion.
      So tell us... what style of denim are you? And which are your favorite styles out of the bunch?

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