Vinnie Style Files: Hailey Baldwin

Welcome to the very first edition of the Vinnie Style Files! This is where every few weeks, we’ll take a few moments to admire and break down the personal style of some of our favorite celebrities, movie stars and influencers. 
After we take a look at some of their most notable outfits, we thought it would be fun to show you some must-have Vinnie Louise pieces that you can use to recreate their looks! This is your chance to put a fresh spin on hot style trends in a way that’s all your own.
For this week, our first ever Style File features 21-year-old old model, Hailey Baldwin. She’s the girl everyone has been talking about since her recent engagement to pop royalty Justin Bieber. We personally just can’t get enough of her cool-girl vibes, and flawless, off-duty supermodel style. Here’s how you can try out some of her signature looks for yourself! 


Look 1: Feminine Bohemian

Vinnie Style Files: Hailey Baldwin


This boho maxi dress look is basically everything we want for our closet. There’s just something about a flowing, floral dress that makes you feel both super feminine, and super powerful all at once. Grab this look for a fun date night out, a wedding, bridal shower, or just doing lunch with your best girlfriends! Want the look? Try our Olivia Floral Maxi Dress in Coral with our Montclair Ankle Book in Taupe



Look 2: Edgy Suede

Vinnie Style Files: Hailey Baldwin
Image Source: Getty / Bauer-Griffin

What can we say, the way Hailey rocks this suede skirt is EVERYTHING. Not to mention the sweet ruffle detail on the top that brings the mini skirt back down to earth in the perfect way. We love this look for late summer and early fall, and it can so easily transition with some black tights and a cardigan or kimono once the cold weather arrives. Want to snag the look for a night out? Try our Sissy Ruffle Sleeve Tee tucked into our Gemma Suede Studded Mini Skirt



Look 3: Classic Glamour

Vinnie Style File: Hailey Baldwin

Image source: Splash News

Y'all, it is never the wrong time for a shirt dress. Hailey proves that in this look from the Cannes Film Festival last year. This menswear-inspired look is such a great go-to for days in the office, or for brunch and Sunday afternoon strolls with friends! Best news? You don't have to spend a ton to get in on this look. Try our Eliana Dress and our Kirby Sandals in Toffee for a white dress moment all your own. 



Look 4: Rockstar Princess

Vinnie Style File: Hailey Baldwin


Is there anything more casually fabulous than a graphic tee paired with a denim mini skirt? This look tells the world “I don’t have to try hard. I just exude coolness.” And isn’t that a message that we can all get behind? Grab your vintage tee and a cute denim mini, and wear this look all over town! We recommend our I Did My Best Tee and Natalia Color Block Mini Skirt. 


Look 5: Autumn Glam

Vinnie Style File: Hailey Baldwin
For those who are a little more daring, why not try out this iconic look? If you're headed to a show, an art gallery or even just a super fun dinner party, we love this dramatic tunic look for those special nights out. Up for the challenge? Check out our Leona Dress in Cream and the Dana Cardigan in Taupe.


Would you try out any of these looks? Let us know which are your favorites, and what celeb you'd like to see featured next in our Vinnie Style File! 


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