Your Guide To Holiday Party Style

Your Guide To Holiday Party Style - Vinnie Louise

Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, and more! We're right in the middle of the holiday party season, which means great food, fun vibes, and hopefully time with the people you love! 


But when office parties and family get-togethers are calling, the last thing you want to worry about is what you're going to wear! That's why we've gathered up some of our absolute favorite looks that can take you from Dec 24 to the first day of 2020 and beyond! These party-perfect styles are budget-friendly and just waiting for you to make them your own. So grab your calendar, and get ready to match your upcoming events with all these perfect looks. Can you say amazing holiday party style?


1. Mini Dress Magic

 There's nothing like a flirty little dress to bring some style magic to your holiday season. Here are just a few of our favorite picks currently in stock in the shop! 


Kaylee Dress - Vinnie Louise

Kaylee Dress - $56

Aria Dress - Vinnie Louise

Aria Dress - $48

Jolene Dress - Vinnie Louise

Jolene Dress - $64


2. Party in Prints 

There ain't no party like a print party! If you love to be the center of attention and have all eyes on you, look no further than a funky print on a cute new dress or skirt. 

Brooke Dress - Vinnie Louise

Brooke Dress - $52

Coralee Dress - Vinnie Louise

Coralee Dress - $62

Ida Skirt - Vinnie Louise

Ida Skirt - $46


3. Welcome To the Pants Party

If you're a big fan of comfort and major style, look no further than these awesome pants that make a major statement.  

Seneca Jumpsuit - Vinnie Louise

Seneca Jumpsuit - $54

Zaire Pants in Mauve - Vinnie Louise

Zaire Pants in Mauve - $44

Suri Jumpsuit in Rust - Vinnie Louise

Suri Jumpsuit in Rust - $48

4. Accessories with glitz and glam

When it comes to your party style, don't leave out the accessories! From hairbands to snazzy earrings, here are some excellent picks under $30. 


Bow Headband Burgandy - Vinnie Louise

Bow Headband - $12

Jessa Earrings - Vinnie Louise

Jessa Earrings - $26

Suede Headband Burgandy - Vinnie Louise

Suede Headband - $12


5. The Most Fabulous Footwear

Last but not least, step out in style with fabulous footwear choices for all your holiday get togethers. Whether you love a good heel or booties with a fun dress, you can't go wrong with these three beauties. 


Carrie Heels in Grey - Vinnie Louise

Carrie Heels in Grey - $38

Malena Mules - Vinnie Louise

Malena Mules - $38

Bryce Booties in Black - Vinnie Louise

Bryce Booties in Black - $62


So there you have it, ladies. All the gorgeous looks you need to create magical memories this holiday season. Which of these sweet pieces are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below! 

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