How To Style A Kimono Like A Pro

If you've been hanging with us for a while, you know that here at Vinnie Louise we LOVE kimonos. For us, this Asian-inspired trend is more than just a trend. Kimonos are also functional, fun, and make totally gorgeous additions to any wardrobe. Regardless of your individual style, budget or body type, there is a kimono that will fit your needs.

Use one to jazz up your outfit, stay warm on a chilly night, or to compliment some of your favorite pieces and make them feel new again. Today we're highlighting a few different kimono styles and letting you in on exactly how to wear them. Kimono class is now in session! 

1. Back To The (Not-So) Basics


Harlow Floral Kimono - $42

For a long, intricate kimono with a lot of fabric, we recommend keeping things pretty simple underneath. Our Harlow Floral Kimono is a great example of this! This longline kimono with lace trimmed sleeves shines best with a great pair of skinny jeans, a simple tank, and some easy flats or heels. Choose your color preference, then use your kimono to let the real you shine through! 


2. Sweet and Totally Chic


Ambrosia Embroidered Kimono - $44

We'll admit, mid-length kimonos like our Ambrosia Embroidered Kimono basically have all the fun. Because they hit in just the right place, these can be worn as a replacement for your everyday cardigans, jackets, and blazers. Wear a mid-length kimono with jeans and a blouse, or over a simple shift dress. They're also a great transition piece for those chilly nights and changing seasons when you're not quite ready for an all-out coat, but want to stay warm. 


3. The Most Fabulous Fabrics


Laney Lace Kimono - $44

It's all in the fabrics! Lace, velvet and silk kimonos are one super fantastic way to step up your wardrobe in a super unique way. But it can sometimes be a little hard to figure out where to wear pieces this fantastic! We're a big fan of our Laney Lace Kimono with a silky tank, black jeans and some strappy heels. A one-of-a-kind kimono like this also works super well with streamlined midi dress or maxis, or you can wear a vintage tee underneath for unexpected, rockstar worthy vibe! 


4. It's a Flowy World


Kimmy Kimono in Blue - $22

There's really not much more fun that you can have with your clothes than swinging around town in a light, airy, flowing kimono.  We absolutely love the vibe of our Kimmy Kimono because it adds a fun playfulness to any look! More dramatic, wispy kimonos like this work best when they're anchored down with basics, like your favorite pair of jeans, or leggings and a tunic. Wondering about shoes? Rock it with sandals, flats, heels or booties! We love a piece like this to help create a look that's totally comfortable, but all your own. 

5. The Classic Kimono


Nora Floral Kimono - $42

Are you rocking a totally classic kimono like our Nora Floral Kimono? Awesome! These are totally comfortable, and the perfect piece to spice up any outfit. Wear yours with a solid color top and fitted jeans or trousers, or mix with stripes or your favorite band tee for a fun play on prints! Leggings or a simple, neutral dress also help you kimono play the starring role. 


As you can see, kimonos truly CAN be for everyone. All you've got to do is grab one and try it out. We promise you won't regret it. Are any of these fun kimonos speaking to you? Let us know in the comments!

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