Instagram Worthy Spots in Nashville

Traveling to Nashville is SO FUN. Somewhere inside all of us, we knowwww we just LOVE taking photos of the places we go and the things we see. Well, we at Vinnie Louise made that easy for you. LHere is a list of some of our absolute favorite Instagram Worthy places in Nashville. BUT ALSO amazing places to get food, grab a coffee, have a drink, laugh a little or find a super cool piece of artwork. So here is a two-in-one of must-go places to visit and Instagram worthy spots all in Nashville :) -- Follow this on Pinterest too: (VL / On The Blog)

Cheers to adventure!!


1. Amelia's Flower Truck

Amelia's Flower Truck

More Info: Amelia's Flower Truck is a mobile truck that always has the best pick of florals and greenery. They are always traveling somewhere in Nashville on the weekends so go visit them! Instagram: @Ameliasflowertruck

2. Barista Parlor

Barista Parlor

More Info: Barista Parlor has a very simple menu of great selections including their perfectly and carefully crafted coffee, biscuits, smoothies, and CHOCOLATE. They have multiple locations around Nashville, so it is a go-to-MUST when traveling around Nashville. Every corner and crevice is Instagram worthy.
Instagram: BaristaParlor

3. Biscuit Love

 Biscuit Love

More Info: Biscuit Love is said to have some of the BEST biscuits in the South. THey once started as a food truck and now they have two storefronts/restaurants in Nashville! They also have a cutesy sign that says "Nashville" all lit up. Their restaurant has beautiful aesthetics, too. Instagram: BiscuitLoveBrunch

4. Broadway, Nashville


More Info: Broadway! What's not to love. From country bars to dive-in and ice cream shops. Everything on Broadway has high-spirits and friendly staff. This is a tour-must and of course, every place is Instagram worthy. You may get lucky and see famous country artists walking around! 

5. Draper James

Draper James Nashville

More Info: Reese Witherspoon moved to Nashville, opened up this boutique and named it after her sweet ol' grandparents. It also became one of Nashville's "must-see" murals! Instagram: @DraperJames

6. Five Daughters Bakery

 Five Daughters Bakery
Five Daughters Bakery

More Info: THE BEST DONUTS YOU WILL EVER HAVE. They are not just donuts, they are perfectly crated and handmade and honestly, pieces of art. Their storefronts are just the cutest. They are small and intimate with a taste of cotton candy colors that make anyone happy. Instagram: five_daughters_bakery

7.  Henrietta Red

Henrietta Red

More Info: Not only do they have the BEST appetizers a girl can ever wish for but they have the best aesthetics. Their entire store is crafted by local constructors and Artisans! It's a very muted, white, airy and trendy atmosphere. Any photo taken here is undoubtedly beautiful.  Instagram: @Henrietta_Red

8. I Believe In Nashville Mural

 I Believe In Nashville Mural

More Info: This mural is iconic. Everyone I know has gotten their photo taken here, even if they are a Nashville native. :) 

9. John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge

John Bridge, Nashville

More Info: Oh what FUNNNN. Bachelorette parties get photos taken here always. But who blames them? It's a beautiful sight. Surprising enough, unless a Titans Game or Country Music Artist Festival is going on, Nashville is pretty quiet when you walk the city. Go check it out :)  

10. Pinewood Social

Pinewood Social

More Info: Pinewood Social is an incredible social atmosphere with the most creative nooks and beautiful aesthetics. It has a bowling alley, a coffee nook and bar, an island bar, an outside pool, SUPER good food and even better drinks. The entire building is artsy in itself. Instagram: @PinewoodNashville

11. Stay Tuned Mural

 Stay Tuned Mural

More Info: Last but not least, the Stay Tuned Mural. This is said to be one of the other most loved murals in Nashville. Since 2012 Nashville has actually gained a total of 20+ murals and this is one of them. DCXV has made some pretty intense and creative murals. Go check them OUT!!!

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