5 Staples You Need For Your Spring Wardrobe


5 Staples You Need For Your Spring Wardrobe


Spring is almost here! Can't you just feel the temps warming, hear the birds chirping, and imagine all the bright and sunny days ahead??

If you're anything like us, you're probably just about ready to shed the sweaters and boots for a while in exchange for light and bright pieces for the most chill spring and summer vibes.

Is it time to get your closet ready for warmer days ahead? Today we're sharing a slew of totally classic spring style staples that you'll want to make sure you've got for 2020. The best part? They're all super affordable and available right now in the Vinnie Louise shop!

Ready to get started? Browse all the looks below, and let us in on which pieces are calling your name!


1. A funky, versatile skirt

Mila Skirt - Vinnie Louise  

Pictured: Shelby Skirt - $64, Mila Skirt - $52


2. An uber-sweet feminine blouse

Gisele Top White - Vinnie Louise Claudia Blouse - Vinnie Louise

Pictured: Gisele Top in White - $32, Claudia Blouse - $64  


3. The perfect two-piece set

Margo Set - Vinnie Louise Marina Set - Vinnie Louise

Pictured: Margo Set - $64, Marina Set - $68


4. Vibrant, versatile accessories

Valley Hat Mauve - Vinnie Louise Emory Boots Taupe - Vinnie Louise

Pictured: Valley Hat - Mauve - $42, Emory Boots Taupe - $62


5. A flattering all-occasion dress

Manila Dress - Vinnie Louise Chrissy Dress - Vinnie Louise

Pictured: Manila Dress - $88, Chrissy Dress - $56


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