8 Affordable Ways To Instantly Upgrade Your Closet

Happy spring, Vinnie girls! Today on the blog, we wanted to show you 8 easy, totally affordable ways to upgrade your current wardrobe for these sunny, warmer days ahead. Ready to get a little inspiration for your closet? Scroll down and let's get started!

8 Affordable Ways To Instantly Upgrade Your Closet


1. Give your denim a refresh

Are you still hanging on to your old jeans circa 2008? Even if they still fit like a glove, your everyday denim is one of the easiest, most versatile ways to bring your closet into 2019. Think of them as the foundation for everything else you wear. This year we're all about wider legs, frayed hems, and the perfect distressed look. Here are a few of our recent favorite pairs!

(Pictured: Glenrose Denim - $68, Bellwood Denim in Camel - $42, Marley Denim - $44)

Glenrose Denim  Bellwood Denim in Camel Marley Denim

2. Focus in on your accessories

Far too often, accessories get overlooked when it comes to choosing our outfit! But the right hat, bandana or earrings can quickly take you from work attire to date night out! Find a few accessories that show a hint of your style to the world, and use them generously with all your favorite pieces!

(Pictured: Sonoma Hat - $24Kimber Bag in Orange - $16, Tahoe Handkerchief in Mocha - $16)

Sonoma Hat Kimber Bag in Orange - $16
 Tahoe Handkerchief in Mocha

3. Upgrade your outerwear

Even though warmer days are ahead, we'll still be reaching for jackets and cardigans to keep us warm for a while. One of the easiest ways to upgrade your everyday look? Switch out your outerwear for a new piece! Find a jacket, coat or sweater that will keep you warm, and pairs well with your everyday staples. Then tuck it away until the fall and it will feel like new again! Brilliant.

(Pictured: Zara Denim Jacket in Black - $58, Pippi Jacket - $64, Zara Denim Jacket in Dark - $58)

Zara Denim Jacket in Black Pippi Jacket Zara Denim Jacket Dark

4. Style your pieces in new ways

Layer a dress over jeans. Knot the front of your favorite maxi dress. Wear a button up open over a cute camisole. When you shop, look for pieces that can be worn in multiple ways. And when you style your current closet, try to look at what you already have through new eyes! We guarantee you'll find some new outfit pairings you may have never thought of before. 

(Pictured: Cassie Maxi in Black - $34, Cleo Dress in Navy - $54, Orla Skirt - $42)

Cassie Maxi in Black Cleo Dress in Navy Orla Skirt 

5. Invest in one piece and make it your "thing"

For some girls, it's a leather jacket. For others, it's a fedora hat, a pair of high heels, or flare jeans. One super fun thing about fashion is that it's all about to you! If you don't have a signature style, you can make one! Choose your "thing" for your spring or summer wardrobe and then play off that theme with each of your outfits. When you get bored, don't be afraid to change things up again!

(Pictured: Jojo Striped Jumpsuit - $72, Erica Pant - $48, Wilder Hat in Tan - $32)

 Erica Pant Wilder Hat in Tan 

6. Dive into color

It's easy to fall into the humdrum of fashion and only pull out blacks, greys, and whites for easy pairing. But if you want to bring an instant new life to your style, one of the best ways to do that is wear an unexpected pop of color! Spring is such a great time to do this, and it will probably even put a little pep in your daily step! Here are some of our favorite bright pieces that might make a good fit.

(Pictured: Maeve Overall Jumpsuit - $54, Ramsey Dress in Mustard - $38, Molly Skirt in Sage - $52)

Maeve Overall Jumpsuit Ramsey Dress in Mustard Molly Skirt in Sage

7. Get fancy with your footwear

Don't overlook your shoes! Sometimes we let our clothes have all the fun, and that's just not fair. Your footwear says a lot about your style and your outfit, so don't skip it. We love a really great flat or slip on for the summer, or a sneaker that pairs great with dresses, shorts and jeans alike!

(Pictured: Riley Mules in Black - $36, Lucy Flat in Mustard - $32, Arden Flats - $28)

Riley Mules in Black Lucy Flat in Mustard Arden Flats

8. Have fun with your style

Finally, the last rule is the most important. Don't worry about the rules! Relax a little bit. Try new things. Get inspiration from around the web and in real life, then have fun with your style! You just may stumble upon some great looks that you love, but you'll never know until you try. 



Do you have any special tips or tricks for updating your closet and bringing new life to your look? We'd love to hear about them. Share'em with us in the comments below!



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