What To Wear With Vegan Leather Leggings

So you have bought your Vegan Leather Leggings and now it's time to find what goes well with your new find.

Our Vegan Leather Leggings and High-Waisted Vegan Leather Leggings are a Vinnie Girls fave and pair with a lot of our clothes. Today, we have 5 different looks we think would fit perfectly. 

What to pair with your Vegan Leather Leggings:

1. Aster Duster $42

The Aster Duster fits perfectly with our Vegan Leather Leggings and provides the length that you are looking for, plus it's warm and comfy. We love the color of this duster and think it compliments the leggings perfectly.

Aster Duster

2. Jacey Fleece Tunic $44

This long sleeve v-neck tunic has the free shape you are looking for. The contrast of the fabric details provides the perfect touch for the comfy and yet stylish look.

Jacey Tunice

3. Laney Kimono $58

A fun fringed kimono provides the warmth you need this winter, but also the comfort and ease of clothes you want. This is a great example of a classic Vinnie look, flowy and free. 

Laney Kimono

4. Adele Chenille Sweater in Rose $48

The softest and sweetest sweater. We like the Rose color paired with our Vegan Leather Leggings, but you can also choose from 2 other colors (Navy & Grey). The oversized sleeves are the focal point here and allow you to grab that extra warmth you might be craving right now. 

Adele Sweater in Wine

5. Corinth Marble Backpack $42

We had to put in an accessory for you to pair with your new leggings. We just love anything in marble. And our Corinth Backpack is the perfect example of how marble makes everything better. Whether you use it for a day trip, diaper bag, or a fashion statement, we think the Corinth is the perfect add-on to our Vegan Leather Leggings.

Corinth Marble Backpack


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