Boob Tape - Clear Double Sided

$ 28

"This product is clear tape to be worn under any top to lift and support the chest without having to wear a bra. It sticks to the skin on one side and also to your clothes on the other side. T

his tape is perfect to wear under tops that are not fitted to the skin, low cut tops and swimwear. !t is a very thin material so it is super discrete and comfy! - Approx. 5-8 wears depending on your cup size -

Made from Medical Grade Glue (Acrylic Acid Adhesive) which is made to be safe for the skin and has been fully tested on humans. - Hypoallergenic and Latex Free and has been skin tested but please do a patch test before using the product - Recommended not to wear for longer than 5 hours to allow skin to breathe. -

Take care when removing from the skin; if you’re experiencing issues please use soapy water or baby oil and peel off slowly. - Packaging is 100% Recyclable - Do not use this product if you have sensitive or damaged skin. - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to wear nipple covers with this tape.

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