12 Days of Christmas Gift Guide: Gifts for Your Significant Man

Day 6: Gifts for Your Significant Man
At Vinnie Louise, we specialize in creating curated looks for women. We often have other little goodies for the home or bath, but we've never really had a place for the gentlemen in our lives to come. That's all changing... Introducing Jack Randall.

Jack Randall was a dapper and classic man, and we modeled our minimal men's line after him. Simple basics and classy items for the every man. So guys, whether you're buying for yourselves, or ladies, for your man, we've still got you covered this Christmas! Jack Randall will be opening in January but we are having a pop-up shop THIS Saturday. December 12th from 5-7pm at our Vinnie location. For all you out of state ladies and men, the website will be up early next year. 

Christmas Gifts for Men


1. Khaki Tee $18

2. Hoodie with Vegan Leather Sleeves $42

3. Hawk Hatchet Candles $20

4. Mountain Parka $56

5. Ranger Station Candles $28

6. Grey Tee $28

7. Joggers $34

8. Black Tee $28

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