At Vinnie, we are focused on providing a welcoming boutique experience at an affordable price. Founded in Nashville, TN, Vinnie Louise takes on the spirit of this amazing city by focusing on people, places, and opportunities. We work hard every day to provide the best experience for our customers and have fun while doing it. Whether it’s in one of our stores or at our warehouse, a Vinnie team member is always welcoming, well-dressed, and ready to help in whatever way.

What makes up Vinnie is the spirit of its namesake. Vinnie Louise, our founder's grandmother, personified kindness, generosity, and effortless style. Not always flush with cash, Vinnie was still dedicated to looking her best. Though she was just as likely to give a stranger the stylish shirt off her back — one of the many things we loved about her. We hope that Vinnie Louise can be a place where women feel affirmed, empowered, and guilt-free about their wardrobe — just like the original Vinnie.

Gifted with extraordinary attention to detail and a creative knack, the people who make up Vinnie Louise—store associates, designers, merchandisers, managers, and warehouse crew— truly love what they do.

Vinnie Louise is filled with the most creative, inspiring, dedicated people you'll ever meet. Care to join them? Email