Outfit Inspo: Perfect Holiday Wears

I love the holidays (I mean, who doesn't?)! But not just because everything is sparkly and beautiful, it's also because this time of year is a fashionista's dream! Parties and dinners, office events and family get-togethers, there are so many different opportunities to wear lovely things.

Getting creative with clothing is fun for me — especially with exciting events looming ahead — and flipping through magazines, blogs or Instagram for inspiration is part of it! 

So in honor of my fellow holiday fashionistas out there, Vinnie's styled some stunning looks for a little Christmas inspiration. Whether you're attending a casual soiree with friends, a nice office dinner or a fancy cocktail party, we've got some original styles ready for ya! 

The Casual Soiree

This look will keep you cute and cozy! Our new Barrett Open Knit Sweater in cream is perfect over our burgundy Boxy Top.

Here we've paired it with out vegan leather leggings and Montclair boots in black to make the sweater pop. Add some fun gold jewelry to pull the look together, and you're ready to celebrate the holidays!

The Semi-Casual Dinner 

Semi-casual is often the hardest for me — I tend to either over-dress or under-dress... oops. But our Carson Boxy Dress makes getting the right in-between look easy!

We paired it with leggings, our Montclair Boots and Lou Clutch. Add some flash with a long, wrapped quartz & brass necklacethen get yourself out on the dance floor! 

The Fancy Party 

Christmas Eve cocktail party invites littering your fridge? Don't panic! Our new Taupe of the World Dress is the party dress of the season. It's great for every shape, and the color is so chic — perfect for both a bold red or a deep burgundy lip! 

We've paired it simply below, with our beloved Montclair Boots in black and a stunning statement necklace. Sometimes less really is more!

In this case, all you need is a classic dress and your beautiful self. Now go enjoy some eggnog! 

We hope you find all the right looks this season, and most importantly, have a blast rocking them! 

Happy Holidays, ladies! And until next time, wear happy! 



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