Finance Planner - Clover

$ 30
Reinvest in yourself.
Gain clarity and control over your budget with our finance planner. Inside, find helpful articles from money expert Elle Harikleia and a year’s worth of undated pages to help you plan, record and reflect.
Make use of monthly tracking tools, six-month and one-year reviews and space to budget for special occasions – from vacations to birthdays.
Comes with a ribbon marker and colored pages in calming green ink.
Pages are undated. Fill out the dates yourself and start using any time of the year.
What's Inside
- Four Money Mentor articles from Kalpana Fitzpatrick
- Yearly review for last year
- Money Clarity pages to set financial goals for the next 12 months
- Savings and debt reviews
- Overall monthly budget to break down your spending
- 12 monthly budget and tracking pages
- Six-month review
- End of year review
- Space to plan budgets for six occasions

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