Book - Nordic Interior

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Piia Kalliomäki & Pauliina Salonen – Nordic Interior Book Texts: Piia Kalliomäki Photography: Pauliina Salonen Layout design: Päivi Häikiö Language : English The book is a rich visual and inspiring viewing experience for those interested in living, interior design and aesthetics. It is also an enticing glimpse into the beauty of our country's homes. Finns love bright homes. White surfaces bring light and a sense of space. It is familiar and safe for us to use wooden surfaces in interior design, it stems from an ancient longing for nature and the forest. Nordic Interior Book is the authors' second joint interior design book. According to this work, the most beautiful, the most abundant, the most interesting and the bravest homes that the long-time working couple, interior editor Piia Kalliomäki and photographer Pauliina Salonen have encountered in recent years, were selected. All the homes in the opus are unique, atmospheric entities that look like their residents,

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