Quiet conversations with girlfriends are sacred. It's almost like a rite of passage into womanhood to open our hearts and homes to friends.

As ladies, we desire relationships. We long for affirmation and encouragement from those we trust most. And while getting together on a cozy couch with your gal pals is ideal, our busy schedules don't always allow for it. 

That's why we're launching our #TuesdayTalks — a time for the women in our VL community to gather 'round (Malbec, anyone?) and chat about sweet, intentional or fun things. 

For our first ever blog conversation, we wanna know all about your bestie! Tell us about her (or his!) incredible qualities. What do you love about her (or him) and why?!

When I think about my best friend, I think about the sweetest soul. She's someone who I trust completely — she's the person I can be silly and honest with. She's someone who accepts me as I am. 

Friendship is just kinda the best! We can't wait to hear about your pal! 




(Happened to post before I could post my bestie!)

Her name is Caitlin and she’s a sweetheart, she’s my rock and anxiety sister we love the same things and we have each other’s back always :)

Erika startup October 13, 2015

I won’t buy my clothes anywhere else! Not to expensive and not too cheap. My only hope is making the tops longer, I have a log torso so I have a hard time shopping (may not be possibly, just a hope!)

Erika Startup October 13, 2015

My best friend is pretty much a sister that I always wanted, but never had. She truly is a gift from God! She is full of joy,grace, and hope. She is someone I get to do ministry with. She loves her family deeply and is a SUPER mom to her sweet boys. She’s amazing, and I’m proud to call her, best friend!

Sulinda October 13, 2015

I always like to think of my bestie as an extra pair of arms. She’s always pushing me forward, always within reach, picks me up when I fall, and carries me through when I’ve no strength left.

Krystin October 13, 2015

When I think about my best friend:
I know she “hears” me….
My words, my heart, my hopes, my fears….we have done/do life together:)
She has my back, I have hers… even with distance.

diana October 13, 2015

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