Mid-Week Monochrome: The Power of a B&W Wardrobe

Casablanca, His Girl Friday and It Happened One Night — the most timeless films are black and white, so it only makes sense that a classic wardrobe would boast the same color scheme. 

I've met many women who find B&W clothes to be boring and bland, but I beg to differ. While I adore vibrant color, there's something very powerful about the contrasting shades of black and white. 

Perhaps it's that they're the ultimate neutrals, and can be combined with any shade of red, blue or green to act as a blank canvas. Or maybe it's that nothing has ever been more chic than when black and white are worn together. 

Regardless, we're big fans of monochrome, and the simple elegance it creates. 

We've assembled our new favorite B&W items to produce a few fall outfits that will never go out of style. Each one of the pieces below can be worn and re-styled over a few seasons — because black and white is really as classic as it gets. 

Plaid Long Cardigan || Willa Dress-Black 

Floppy Hat-Black || Riley Distressed Denim || Josephine Top-Ivory

Buttons & Lace Dress-White || Leggings 

Knightly Jacket || Josephine Top-Ivory || Riley Distressed Denim

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