10 Totally Unique Date Night Ideas (You'll Want To Try Them All!)

Is there anything better than love? There’s nothing quite like having someone that laughs at all your lames jokes and makes you smile on a bad day. Whether you’re dating, married, or just casual Bumble-ing on occasion, dating is pretty much the best when done right. 

But let’s be honest after awhile it can be easy to get bored with the “norm”. Dinner and a movie can get real old real fast if you never bother to mix things up on occasion. Maybe you’re like us and you just want to experience something new every once in awhile. There have to be some fun, creative things you can do for date night that don’t cost a fortune but create lasting, unforgettable memories. Well, we’re here to help! 

We asked friends and scoured the web to bring you ten totally unique date ideas that you’re going to want to get on the calendar asap. Are you single? No problem at all! These also make for fun hangs with a group of girlfriends as well. Now let’s get out there and have some fun!


Rent bikes and cruise around town!

1. Rent bikes and cruise around town

    There’s something so fun and romantic about grabbing some bikes and cruising around town with the one you love. It’s a chance to take things at a slower of a pace, and maybe even notice some things in your town that you’ve never seen before! If you don’t have bikes at home already, no worries! These days there are a ton of bike rental companies in cities across America that you let you pick up and drop off wherever is most convenient to you. We’d also recommend checking your local city park to see if they offer rentals! It’s the perfect date day activity for spring, summer, and even fall. 


    Have a movie night in

    2. Host a favorite movie marathon night

      A favorite movie marathon is a super fun replacement for the standard movie theater date. Instead of waiting in long lines and paying a fortune to see what’s new, you and your date can bring or rent what you would consider to be your favorite movies and share them with each other! For special bonus points, each person should also bring their favorite movie snack to share. Debrief after each movie to dish on likes, dislikes, and plot twists in each other’s films. You may even walk away with a new favorite yourself! 


      Go on a random road trip

      3. Take a mini road trip

        Taking a road trip with someone could very possibly be the purest form of quality time that there is. Why not add a random one to your schedule with the one you love? Choose a town 30 minutes to 2 hours away from where you live, and pick a random destination there that you’ll head to. It could be a famous landmark, an antique shop, or just an old-school diner that you want to grab dinner at. The sky is the limit when it comes to a random trip like this. The best part? You’ll very likely find some other fun places to stop and things to see along the way! (P.S. - Don’t forget to create a playlist of your favorite jams for the drive.)


        Go on a breakfast date

        4. Go out for breakfast instead of dinner

          There’s something about a morning date that just has a totally different vibe than a standard dinner date. Mornings are so full of hope and promise, not to mention breakfast menus are always cheaper! Choose a breakfast spot you’ve been wanting to try or an old trusty favorite with yummy food that you can’t get enough of. Bonus points if it’s a nice morning and they have outdoor seating! Share a cup of coffee, a waffle, and maybe even a stroll around the neighborhood afterward. If your date carries over into lunch, that’s up to you. We can’t think of a better way to start of the day!


          Visit a museum

          5. Visit a new museum

            Regardless of where you live, there’s a good chance that your town has a museum you’ve never been to. Whether it’s an art museum, a science museum, an old car museum or even a children’s museum, we guarantee there is fun to be had that you haven’t even discovered yet! Be sure to check your local museum’s website for coupons, upcoming special events, and deals for when you come on certain days and times. We promise you’ll leave this date feeling smarter, and taking with you lasting memories with that special someone in your life.


            Take a class together

            6. Take a class together

            The options here are limitless, so this is basically like 10 tips in one! Look online for local classes going on in your area. They could be art or pottery classes, or a yoga or karate class at your local community center. If you want to get really wild, check out an archery class and release your inner Katniss Everdeen. Like we said, the sky's the limit!


            Get competitive with your date

            7. Get competitive 

              Do you or your special someone have a strong competitive streak? Well, this just might be the date for you. Forget a fancy dinner. Why not frame a whole date around letting your competitive nature shine? We love a spot like Dave and Busters or Top Golf for a unique date night. Just choose a dollar amount or number of games to commit to so you don’t go overboard on the spending. Want to keep your night even more low key? Find a local spot in your area that has billiards, darts, old arcade games or cornhole  (Yelp is a great place to start.) Either way, you’re sure to learn a lot about each other and have some laughs along the way. 


              Cook a fancy meal at home

              8. Become a chef for the night

                Did you know that many of the $50 meals you might order on a fancy night out, you can actually make at home? We admit, cooking for yourself can be a real drag but why not make a gourmet, candlelit dinner together for date night? Find a recipe on Pinterest and make a grocery list, then head to the store together for ingredients. Put on your favorite playlist and have a glass of wine while you cook together. You’ll have so much, and have a brand new, notable recipe in your repertoire! 


                Late night board games

                9. Late night board games and coffee

                  If you think this sounds like a snore, you’re totally wrong! If you’re in the mood for fun AND deep introspective conversation, this is your winner right here. Find a local coffee shop or wine bar that stays open late. (Bonus points if there’s one in your area that already provides board games or cards.) Pick a game or two, order a delicious beverage, and settle in for a cozy night out of quality time together. 


                  Go on a photo adventure

                  10. Go on a photo-taking extravaganza

                    If you’re reading this post, you most likely have a smartphone. And if you have a smartphone, it most likely has a camera. Therefore, YOU can be a photographer! So why not go on a photo-taking adventure with your date or significant other? Walk around cool parts of town, or head to a neighborhood you’ve never visited. Take photos of cool architecture, pretty houses, and interesting cars or plants. Take photos together, and grab some artsy more abstract shots. By the end of the night, you’ll have some great memories, and a handful of really good photos to remember it by. 

                     Have you tried any of these date ideas? Have any other great date ideas that we didn’t mention here? We want to hear about them!

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                    Love these ideas! Definitely some I have not thought about, and am going to have to try (#4, 8, 10)! Once I did a cooking date competition…we both had $15 and had 20 mins to shop…met back at the register and then cooked our different dishes at home to see who made the best meal! It was super fun!

                    Kelly July 24, 2018

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