Want To Build A Capsule Wardrobe? Start With These 7 Pieces!

These days everyone and their mom seems to be talking about capsule wardrobes. And for good reason! If you've ever found yourself having one of those, “I have nothing to wear” freak out moments, a capsule wardrobe provides an awesome way to bring peace, unity and timeless style into your closet. (You’d be surprised how many of your favorite celebs are jumping in and trying it too!)

So what exactly is a capsule wardrobe? A capsule wardrobe is a narrowed down collection of multi-purpose clothing items. The goal is to use each piece in multiple ways, creating a wardrobe that is easy, flexible, and totally you while saving tons of time and money in the long run. Sounds pretty great, right? And contrary to popular belief, your capsule wardrobe can be far from boring. It’s a chance to let your personality shine through with every piece you choose!

Have we got you interested yet? Since we’re major fans of capsule wardrobes, we picked out 7 pieces that would make a great foundation for your capsule closet. These pieces can be layered, worn alone, and mixed and matched with what you’ve already got in your closet. Plus, they’re all classic, fun pieces that can go wherever life takes you. Check them out!


1. A Timeless Button Up

Logan Button Up - $48

Is there anything better than a crisp, fresh button-up shirt? We think not. This timeless staple can flow so easily from daytime officewear to skinny jeans and sneakers on a Saturday. We also love it tucked into a cute floral skirt for brunch with the girls. Plus, our Logan Button Up has a loose, flowy fit that keeps it feeling current and oh so comfortable all at the same time. Perfection.


2. A Comfy Cardigan

Sylvie Cardigan - Dusty Pink - $36

Regardless of the season or where you live, every Vinnie Girl needs a comfy, super versatile cardigan in her closet. This lightweight staple can be tucked away in a tote bag for those chilly days in the office, or worn over your favorite sundress as a transition piece from summer to fall. We love the dusty rose color of this Sylvie Cardigan, but it also comes in cream and green! 


3. The Perfect Pair of Dark Denim

Bellevue Denim - $74

There is truly nothing like the perfect pair of blue jeans. They’re like a reliable best friend that you want to do everything with and take everywhere you go. This is especially true of dark denim. Dark denim is that it can easily shift between work, weekend and date night in a flash while keeping you looking polished and put together, yet still totally comfy. Our Bellevue jeans have a high rise and lots of stretch to keep you totally at ease and on trend wherever life takes you.


4. An Oversized Jean Jacket

Cassidy Denim Jacket - $68

While we're on the subject of denim, nothing gives you a little edge and that extra cool factor quite like an oversized jean jacket. You can throw it on over comfy clothes while you hang out with friends, or use it to add some extra vibe and personality to your dressier pieces. A denim jacket is one of those pieces that will go with you everywhere, and they truly just keep getting better with age. Make sure you have this staple in your capsule closet. You won't regret it.


5. A Versatile Black Dress

Cassandra Maxi Dress - Black - $34

This is pretty much our favorite answer to every "What should I wear" conundrum. A little black dress is never the wrong answer! We love our LBD in a maxi version because that means it translates well from summer with sandals, to winter with booties and a cardigan on top. You can accessorize this piece in a million different ways for a million different looks. Plus, it's unbelievably comfortable! You'll find yourself reaching for your black dress again and again. 


6. A Fun Tee With Personality

Take It Easy Tee - $42

Long gone are the days of tees only being appropriate for gym class and Saturday nights in. T-shirt’s are welcome everywhere these days, especially if they’re cute. Every capsule wardrobe needs a funky tee that the keeps you comfortable while telling the world exactly who you are. We love our Take It Easy Tee with a pair of jeans, peeking out from under a blazer, or even layered underneath our favorite dress or jumpsuit!


7. A One of a Kind Jumpsuit

Emilia Overalls - $56

This brings us to our final point... overalls and jumpsuits. They are truly everywhere right now, and for good reason! These Emilia Overalls are an easy way to get in on the trend in a totally classic, timeless way. Whether you wear them with sneakers, sandals, booties or a cardigan on top, a jumpsuit that's as comfy and chic as this has a spot in your summer AND winter wardrobe. There is so much inspiration to ensue.


Tell us: Do you have a capsule wardrobe, or have you ever considered dressing with one? Let us know why or why not in the comments!

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