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So, we've all been there. We packed last minute. We took a spontaneous trip and didn't regret a moment. But, have you ever done that when traveling abroad?? Well, I did. And there are (just a few) things I only wish I knew that would have made it completely effortless. SO... if you plan, or say, don't plan to take any trips overseas, here is some helpful info JUST FOR YOU spontaneous lads. And, trustttt me, these may seem common sense or small details, but they matter! 

1. Bring a converter. BUT, if you plan to bring your computer or a fan (like my fiance), make sure you have a converter that supports the amount of voltage it will need to plug into the wall. (Otherwise, your computer's charge port will burn out and you will have to pay $90 to replace the port - or - your fan will die...literally).

2. Don't bring a hairdryer, there is just no use for it. Especially in Europe. No matter the type of converter you DO have, your hairdryer will blow up. "Wait a minute," you may say? Haha, it's no joke. For some reason (and I don't know the technicalities of this) if you plug in your hairdryer it just goes FULL SPEED and on FULL HEAT and it is overwhelming! I'm sure you can YouTube videos on this. It gets crazy.

3. Bring a portable battery charger! It helps especially if you are constantly searching for WiFi (your battery dies quicker) and you are traveling in bigger groups of people - AND - tend to veer off course because you are a distracted person. This is a good one not to forget :) 

4. Some places can and will tend to think that travelers aren't smart with their money... especially if you are from a different country and have a different currency. My suggestion: get a Currency Converter App and know what you are paying for in American Dollars. Keep up with your bill at restaurants also, some add random tax or even add stuff on there you didn't pay for. It happens! But don't let it make you paranoid. **Sidenote, best to get a Unit Converter App too for distances if you need it! -- Recommended apps: GlobeConvert and Unit Converter

5. Common sense -- try to rent a bike wherever you go!!! -- It gets you places that bus tours and taxis are not allowed. **Segways are also banned in certain City limits**

6. If you didn't know already (because it was also news to me) prepare to pay for public bathrooms. Unless you make a purchase in certain restaurants, they won't let you use the bathroom.

7. Never take standing taxis! (Like, if you go to an airport or train/bus station and there is a taxi chilling out outside.) Unless you HAVE TO, don't. They have a starting fee of $15-20 US Dollars starting off. One you grab from the street begins around $3.

8. If and when you can, order currency from your bank at home. Especially if you have Bank of America, I know they do it. You don't have to pay the exchange rates (that are about 15-20% no joke). If you plan to exchange currency at an ATM or airport there are huge exchange rates and fees, it's almost just not worth it. At. All.

9. If you are a photo-savvy person, make sure you download your photos nightly to your computer/hard drive (if you also brought your computer). My fiance's memory card broke and it was bad, bad, bad news. 

10. Take at least ONE TOUR of the city. If you are like me and are allergic to touristy things, don't be allergic to this one idea. I have always refrained from touring cities because I thought it was useless information. BUT, it's the most intriguing. Maybe it's just the older I get I love to learn history. My point being - DO A TOUR! :) It is SOOOOOOO worth it. 


That's all for now. If you have questions you can email Want some style inspiration for traveling? Head on over to our Pinterest (HERE)


xoxo #WearHappy  

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