Book - Hidden Gems

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Elina Siltanen-Sjöberg & Kari-Otso Nevaluoma – Hidden Gems, Home Like a Dream Homes: Elina Siltanen-Sjöberg Texts: Kari-Otso Nevaluoma Editing: Elina Lähteenmäki Translation: Rebecca Watson Photography: Riitta Sourander Layout design & photo editing: Viola Minerva Virtamo Language: English (suomenkielinen versio saatavana täältä) The book stems from the notion of interior dreams, ideas and visions that intriguingly intertwine. It opens the doors to apartments and villas in Helsinki, where a classic, continental style merges with luminous Nordic light, an inviting mood and architectural balance. The featured homes are dreams-come-true for their owners located in and around some of Helsinki’s prettiest pockets renowned for their historical architecture. The book also shares an endless love for striking colour combinations, patterns and fabrics that fill with an urge to feel them between the fingers.

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