Introducing Lollia... It's the Little Things.

I think we can all agree that spending time on yourself is important. Psychologists say that kicking it solo allows you to rest your brain and reboot, which leads to increased productivity. It even helps you find your own prominent voice. 

Realistically, between work, family and friend commitments, “you-time” is usually reduced to those 10 minutes of quiet before you pass out at night. 

The truth is we’re all busy, we’ve all got too much on our plates, but we really do need to spend at least a couple hours a week on ourselves — I got psychology backing me up on that one. 

And what better way to relax then to — in the wise words of Donna and Tom Haverford — “Treat yo self!” 

A soothing bubble bath, sweet perfume and fragrant lotion can set the stage for a quiet moment enjoyed before or after a busy day. 

Lollia bath products are an awesome way to treat yo self. They smell amazing, feel great and they're also beautiful to look at — sometimes it's the little things. 

But whether it’s a night of Netflix and chocolate, or buying yourself a lovely perfume, I encourage you to take some time for yourself this week. Regardless of your guilty pleasure, just do it. Relax and reboot so you can be a calmer, happier you. 

All of these gorgeous products are now available at Vinnie Louise. 

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